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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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My best friend of many, many years has a history of sniffing nail polish remover.  Her college room mate told me about bags of empty nail polish remover bottles.  At the time, I confronted her and made her tell her mom.  They visited a doctor and she told me it was under control.  She has a lot of pride so I didn't ask her a lot of questions since I knew she was getting help.  We now live together (2 years later) and I think she may be doing it again with Raid pest killer.  I have not read anything about that product so I was unsure if that even does the same thing.  It is so hard to confront her becuase I am not sure if I am just reading into it too much because of the past.  We are in an area where the bugs are all over and she has a van that she uses for work which I have seen bugs in before.  She is also very successful and works a lot and is very functional and not depressed like many of the other posts talk about.  The only symptom is the smell and also some large red marks on her chin.  Does anyone with experience think I should be concerned or have any advice about what to say.  She always has a detailed story when she smells and I know she will deny it.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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ConcernedFriend- The 2 symptoms you listed: chemical odor and sores are red flags to me.  Whether you have 100% proof or not, I think inhalant abuse is worth bringing up in a conversation to her.  Not in an accusatory way, but in a "concerned friend" manner. 
Anyone else have any advice on how to approach a friend who may be inhaling?

Queshia B
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