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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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I am seeking help on how to handle my15year old son who i just found out has been in hailing air freshener, i am shocked and i don't know how i should handle it, i have try to race my son with lots of morals, both his father and myself have nothing but try to make his and his sisters life comfortable what do i do? I'm devastated but also scared my father is a drug addict, he lived in skid road, and made terrible choices im scare my son will end up like that.


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brokenheart74-  The best thing for you to do is talk openly to your kids about inhalant abuse and the effects of abusing a product.   Properly educate yourself on the issue so are seen as a credible sourc on the issue and so you can answer any questions they may throw at you.  Explain the harmful effects of inhalant abuse. Many parents hold back because they worry about divulging too much information and giving their children ideas when discussing inhalant abuse, but please note children these days are very creative and pass information on very quickly.

Also, because you have identified your son as an inhalant abuser, you should contact your family physician on recommendations on getting him treatment.  You may also want to do some independent research with the Center for Substance Abuse Treatment:

Any parents out there going through the same situation?

Queshia B
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