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Inhalant Abuse Prevention

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Let me start by stating some facts:
1- Scientific information of the effects of Difluoroethane (active component of Air Duster) is scarce and in some cases contradictory.
2- I have read some studies in rats showing no evidence of significant Brain damage after a prolonged exposure to the substance.
3- Nonetheless it is widely known that the abuse of this substance can cause death.

From what I have read, people claim the high provided from Difluoroethane is merely a by-product of lack of oxygen in the brain, and the serious health issues come from the possibility of frostbites and consequently lung damage and some extra-pyramidal effects relating the heart.


Lets assume all of the above is true. If I was to obtain 100% pure Difluoroethane and release it in a balloon so that it achieves room temperature, effectively nullifying the greatest imminent health risk. And most importantly hyperventilating or even adding a 20% concentration of oxygen in the hypothetical balloon.Will..

A- Experience nothing, since I'm not having a lack of oxygen
B- Get high, disproving the fact that the lack of oxygen is the "active ingredient"

So, has any former user experienced in hyperventilation or filling balloons with Difluoroethane? Is the lack of oxygen what gets you high or does Difluoroethane affect certain neurotransmitters? If so, does anyone have hard evidence on its short-long term effects in the body and its mechanism of action?

I will kindly accept any input you have on the subject.

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Please be aware that NO type of inhalant is safer than the next.  There is no safe high from outside substances.  One can do physical activity such as exercise by taking a brisk walk, and that can release the body's natural painkillers known as endorphins.  However, beyond that, no one can say that using any type of drug, much less inhaling fumes or chemical vapors, is safe and will not cause permanent neurological (brain, spinal cord, nerves) damage or even death. 

If you're feeling as though you would like to self-medicate, please make an appointment with a Certified Addiction Counselor or other licensed substance abuse counselor for treatment.  To search for counseling and treatment programs, and some may have state and/or county funding for those without health insurance: and can click one's state of residence on the map and continue with the search.

Bless you for posting, and please be smart and make good, HEALTHY choices in life

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I have been huffing air-duster for over 20 years, still alive. However I have many Financial, friend, family, work issues. Not to mention that I'm a jerk with family. Health problems are few, usually gas and shortness of breath, sometimes rapid heartbeat, but then again I'm a cyborg and DIFLUOROETHANE does little harm, with exception of mental facilities. Also the "No type of inhalant is safer than the next" is total bs, butane, gasoline, paint thinner, white out, toluene, febreze all come packed with nasty health problems, not to mention they taste nasty, and are harsh. DIFLUOROETHANE is not only easy to get, abuse, but is easy to do, and safer than the others, with exception to Nitrous Oxide. However there are a few caveats, one being that it is so easy to do, addiction is far more severe, thus pissing off your boss, mom, best friend. There are many bad side-affects liver, lung, kidney, intestinal, and death but the only bad thing I have had is with my job, pissing off family and friends, not to mention that I'm broke and in debt due to this horrid addiction. Also I am gassy a lot get sick quite a bit, but anyways i'm not saying this is something you should do, because of the insidious nature of the ease of abuse, addiction in severe and financial/family/friend issue can cause depression/suicidal tendencies. I am not saying it is safe, however compared with toluene, butane, gas ect. it is far safer to do then these painful inhalants. Because of the somewhat safeness of it, leads to other more severe problems, especially if you laugh at death or paralysis, but if you huff Butane, Febreze you have lung problems along with severe mental issues (early dementia, psychosis, schizophrenia) and the slight chance of instant death. Gasoline, paint thinner, toluene even more severe problems can and will occur, including liver, lung, kidney failure, permanent brain damage, cancer, paralysis, coma, and the chance of death is much higher, however the higher cost inhalant, being harder to do, usually leads the user to stop due to pain. With air-duster (DIFLUOROETHANE only) addiction is more severe, and still causes plenty of bad side effects. If anyone has any useful hints on quitting, please let me know, because Dennis Mac and Frank are really getting pissed off at my use.   


Charlie Victor Kelly Day Elstad [eek]

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Unfortunately, there really is *no* innocuous inhalant.  Every time that one engages in huffing, that individual is playing "Chemical Russian roulette" with one's life and QUALIFY of LIFE.  There have been many deaths from air duster (and other types of inhalant use), and most likely there are those who have been left with permanent damage to the brain and/or other organs.
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