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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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Hello, when I was about 12 or so I huffed gas maybe 10 times.  I never really felt like it did any damage, however later in my teens I developed periods of times where I felt depressed.  When I was about 18 I also started to feel spaced out all the time, feeling disoriented and off balance.  I started drinking a lot and developed insomnia.  I spent the next 7 years of my life on ativan and sleeping pills.  Over those last 7 years I feel like I have gone down hill a lot... feeling really fatigued, yawning all the time.  This past year I started to develop problems with my vision (well it's actually the brain part that controls vision).  I am seeing after images, blury vision, tinnitus.  The symptoms are consistent with HPPD I believe.  

I am just wondering if it is possible that what I am going through is damage done from the mistake I made when I was so young and didn't know the dangers.  I would think that the damage done would be done and not continue to cause me I wrong to think this or can it continue to develop new problems for the rest of my life?

I have gone through numerous tests, ct scans, brain mri's, blood work, etc... everything is coming back normal.  Could it be damage done to me central nervous system?

My biggest problem now is I have 0 energy and I can only do about 10 minutes of housework and then I need to lie down.

Can I get your thoughts on whether you think this could be damage done from huffing?  And should I tell me doctor about this?  I don't want him to dismiss me as a patient.  Is there any special testing they can do to confirm if damage has been done?

Thanks, I really appreciate it.

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Thank you for posting your story.  I'm sorry that you're having those kinds of problems.  Your difficulties may be due to many things.  I'm not a doctor so I'm not sure.  The products used for huffing may cause damage to the brain and other organs, but I'm not sure that there will be a definitive answer especially since you'd said tht the symptoms occurred about six years later.  Thankfully, your ct scans and mri's were negative ("normal").  Though a person can have microscopic damage which would only be seen under a microscope, at least you don't seem to have major structural damage to the brain (though just guessing) which perhaps may have shown up on the mri slides. 

Regarding telling your doctor about the past inhalant use, that is entirely up to you especially since some health insurance companies will not want to pay for services if the patient has had a hand in their own disability.  If you haven't seen a neurologist, please do so in order to rule out certain health issues. 

You'd mentioned HPPD which apparently stands for "hallucinatory persisting perception disorder" though I don't know anything about it.  Please do talk with a licensed therapist and/or psychiatrist so that you can find out about any types of treatments that may help lessen the symptoms if you do have the diagnosis.

This site has a message board for those with "HPPD", however, please do not try to provide a self-diagnosis or self-treatment: and it's probably free to register. 

If you still find yourself using drugs to self-medicate, please talk with a certified addictions specialist (and some programs have financial assistance for those without health insurance): and can click one's state of residence on the map and then continue with the search.  

Hoping that you get some answers, take good care of yourself and make good, healthy choices in life.  
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