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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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Hey guys,

I'm new to this thing, so I'm just going to try it out I was trying to look if there were any harm in sniffing tea tree oil and came across this site.
Also, I'd like to take this opportunity to encourage all inhalers out there...
I spent my time just earlier ago reading about experiences and how inhalants have effected many people traumatically...My sympathy and condolences go out to all of you.

I'd like to share my story with you all and hopefully give some advices?
Anyway...It all started when I was about 13, when my dad and I painted our house.
This was when I realised I just LOVED the smell of paint. I used to stick my nose against the freshly painted wood such as furnitures and doors everytime I came back from school.
When the paint smell had slowly worn off, I found other alternatives such as correction fluid, newspapers, turpentine (FROM THE PAINTING!) and even these "paint" markers that were sold here. I also loved the smell of gasoline when I passed those gas stations, I would slow down just to take a sniff.
Slowly, I just got more and more addicted and needed to huff atleast a few times a day. I would huff for like 20 seconds, get away and then do it again.

I hadn't gotten any reactions or side effects, well I don't think I got "high", until 2 years later.
I just LOVED the smell and couldn't stop. I'd waste correction fluid and markers just to huff.
2 years later, I started to feel very dizzy, my nose started to itch and tickle, it would get red, and hurt alot more when I sniffed these "paint markers". I used to see flashes and headaches..and probably most of the symptoms of an inhaler.
I got into a state of depression and anxiety and wanted to commit suicide...YES I KNOW, something I thought that was SO SMALL could change me so vastly!
I did not realise what I was becoming, I was losing my education, my family, my friends because of my personality, and how I had become. I would yell instead of talk, get irritated or upset/angry so easily and just wanted to be isolated. I would cry myself to sleep everynight because I screwed my life up so bad that people just thought I was reacting this way because I was a loser/b*tch. Therefore they were a b*tch to me too... I ended up in hospital so many times because I had fainted, either because of the inhalants OR the depression/anxiety I was in....mannnnn..those 2 years were the hardest times of my life... I would feel my heart just TEARING into pieces..LITERALLY because I was so upset...
This had gone for about more than a year, until I started hearing things about Inhalant abuse.
The first thing I heard in my Science class was that correction fluids could destroy the membranes in ur nose and the cartilage in the middle would ware off. This means that you'd have one big nostril, instead of two.
Then I heard more about this when a drug prevention organisation visited our school.
All the symptoms and effects of inhalant abuse had matched with what I 've had developed over the past few years.
Therefore, I got curious and read more and more about inhalant abuse.
I actually didn't WANT to read about this because I knew it was bad and I didn't want to break this habit as I had fallen in love with my imperfection.
But I FORCED myself to get on these sites to read about them...I'm glad I did because I got freaked when I read about the "sudden death".
I realised that...ALL these years I've been sniffing and huffing, I COULD HAVE DIED JUST RIGHT THEN AND THERE!
Oh, and I forgot to mention, my appetite had died, and my organs started to my brain, heart, kidney, lungs... 
So yea... I finally decided to do something about it.
Luckily, there were no more paint cans, turpentine left in the house..and I FORCED myself to throw away all the "paint markers" and correction fluid I owned. This was really really hard to do, but I JUST DID IT.
However, this wasn't it, I was really tempted to buy them again. Even now, I still sniff correction fluid... but by God's grace, it's down to probably once a month HEHEEE..yes I prayed about it too.

Anyway, so that is my story...I know it is really hard to break the habit, but you just GOT to do it.. and slowly.. you'll see.. you won't crave it as much .. just throw it all away. No matter it is a moth ball, tennis ball, marker, paint can, rubbing alcohol, nail polish, gas, air freshener, deoderant...WHATEVER u sniff... just THROW IT ALL AWAY. And if this isn't possible.. use less of it.. or tell somebody to hide the object for you, so that you cannot find it.
If it's nail polish (something you will DEFINATELY use), try buying other types that have a NICE flower scent in it or something, so that you don't get addicted.
HELP YOURSELF to help your precious body...don't destroy it.
We all understand it is probably now a physical just have no control over it...but you CAN do other things to stop yourself like putting it offsite..OR occupying yourself by doing other things like sports/hobbies. Whenever you think about sniffing...just.. do something else. SERIOUSLY. because if you sniff once again, you just won't break the habit.

Lastly, I have found another alternative that is much healthier and much more pleasant. It has the same "high" effect and is addictive aswell....TEA TREE OIL. so good! ahhaha
I know some people have already talked about tea tree oil, but I just wanted to emphasise how helpful it is.
Well yea...Tea tree oil isn't actually bad for you, it's infact GOOD for you.. what I do is I use tea tree oil face wash, so that I can always sniff it.
the oil to burn is also OK but i'm not sure, as all burners should not be SNIFFED. It's not good for the membranes. But yea guys... just try tea tree oil.. it really does help .. and it's not bad at all


Alright, I'm out...I've typed way too much..I'M SORRRYYY


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Thanks so much for sharing your story - it must have been very hard to throw away the things that you were so used to inhaling. I hope that other inhalant users read what you wrote and gain the strength to stop. Tea tree oil is a remedy for coughs and colds and has beneficial effects - just make sure that you're getting enough oxygen as well!


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true that true that

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