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Inhalant Abuse Prevention

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I started huffing spray paint when I was 18, after using it in a school project. It smelled soooooo good, and I told myself I just wanted to smell it. At first, I wasn't getting high. But I craved more and more, and noticed that I started feeling lightheaded. After I ran out of the spray, and realized that plenty of people could smell it every time I sprayed it, I stopped, but began to feel withdrawls.

Working in an office setting, I came in contact with liquid white out. No one could smell me using it and I would huff it for years! I stopped, after 7 years of using because I got engaged to be married. I had lots of cravings for it,but never touched the stuff.

I now have 2 kids (4 and 2 years old). I'm 35 years old ND am a house wife. My husband and I decided to spray paint our kids toy chest and, because so much time had gone by, I didn't think I would be affected...but the craving grabbed a hold of me so strong! I knew I couldn't indulge with kids around, so that was enough for me to not do it. But two days ago, I was painting my nails and started huffing the Polish. Now I can't stop. The addiction has got a hold of me again, and I feel so ashamed...especially after being clean for so long.

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The same thing happened to me.I used to sniff gasoline,markers,spray paint,fingernail polish since I was a kid.I would quit for years then being around the sweet solvent smell would trigger the addiction.I'm now 41 years old and after years of cheating by taking a few whiffs here and there I found out that my cravings would be reduced when I took vitamins with iron.Vitamin,especially low iron blood has been known to cause people to  crave solvent type smells and also pica which is when a person craves to eat non food items.Not all people with low blood iron have this problem but many do.It's worth a try anyway's to see if it helps.It will also help to dispose of the solvents you crave.As parents we we do everything we could if our children had this problem so why would we not do the same with ourselves.Keep the solvents out of reach from yourself and try taking a daily multi vitamin with iron.If that does not work go to your doctor and explain to him your craving.Many people have this problem and the Dr will not judge you for this.There are medications that help with addictions ,anxieties,and the like.Some people sniff as a way of relieving stress.So an anxiety medication might help as well.

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I can help you, contact me. first of all grow up and quit, but it sounds like your brain is craving stimulation, there are ways to get it, medication wise, that don't kill any more brain cells. get a hold of me.


clay hughes
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