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Inhalant Abuse Prevention

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I first started inhaling solvents when I was about 13 and that probably lasted on and off for about a couple of years afterwards. As for the ramifications of inhaling solvents, it's fair to say that my life hasn't been so great since then. To give you a comparison of how my life was before inhaling solvents, I once managed to come top of my class, but by the time I graduated high school, my grades were the lowest they could be. And when I left school I found it incredibly difficult to hold down a job, mainly due to the fact that processing information was challenging for me. So now skip forward about 20 years since I last inhaled any solvents and my life is a hollow shell of an existence. To put it simply, I have become destitute and isolated in life. But for the longest time I managed to convince myself that inhaling solvents wasn't the real problem, but as time passed by, I realised I couldn't ignore the reality any longer. It was then that I started to look into ways of improving my situation, but then feeling defeated by the lack of help available in improving the damage I had caused to myself. So now I'm at a stage where I have more or less accepted my situation and the limitations I have placed on myself.

So as my story mainly serves as a deterrent for anyone else thinking of inhaling solvents, I also want to say to anyone else out there who is in a similar situation to myself that there is always hope that science and technology will one day find a way in reversing, or at the very least, improve the damage caused by inhaling solvents. So never give up hope.
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