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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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My roommate has been huffing air duster for 6 years now. I have moved in with her about a year ago . Ive noticed the house has started forming a strange odor that burns my nose and now i have been getting severe headaches if i stay in the same room for any amount of time. I am wondering if by someone huffing could have any affects on someone that doesnt but lives in the same house as them?

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Huffing sure can and it sure does have a huge effect on not only the person using but friends, family and yes even strangers. How, do you ask? As a recovering inhalant abuser, I can tell you that I am lucky to have never caused physical hurt to anyone that had the unfortunate luck of coming into contact with me while I was using. I thank God that no one else was hurt in any of the countless car accidents I have been involved in. I will tell you one very important and scary fact about Inhalant Abuse. Unlike any other substance or drug that is abused, Inhalant Abuse is not one that can last years upon years. It is very short lived. No one can continue to abuse inhalants for very long before 1 of 2 things will inevitably happen..... The abuser will either die or go to jail for a very long time for unintentionally hurting or killing someone else while they were using. 
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