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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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hello my name is andrew. i was caught with cans of duster in my tennis bag months ago. my family approached me with the most frightened tone i had ever heard. it is something very hard to deal with when your mother, the woman who made you who you are who you want nothing more than to make happy, comes to you with tears in her eye about a problem that you have. she gave me the popular story of the officer who lost his son to this enigma, it brought me to tears, ever since i have not even seen a can of inhalants. I know the difficulty trying to stop something that has become routine to you for so long. if you need any advice with any part of the process or just want to talk at all is my email address but I'm best reached through my myspace : good luck ! - andrew

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ok...hi...i have huffed for abt 2 years....just the other day i huffed for abt three hours, i totally lost control ended up..waking up ii had a minour heart attack the docs say if i do it again i more than likely will drug of choice is and my best friend started last summer out of bordem...we eventually found out better inventions to huffing...we would get a regular pop bottle fill bottom with gas cut hole close to the top ..creating a bong like objcy... we used our mouths...its helped us get high in no time...i am 16 heart is in critical coondition,can hardly breath,itch consantly, and have limb spasms i have short memory loss also(like if i do somethin then go to sleep i will forget i have come to the prdicament...Do i go to a rehab center for 6 months or go to school and go to overcomers meeting to help fight it out and continue school...
 please i need help im getting close to just wanting to die..i use this HUFFING to beat depression not cause it im so confused help me please
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