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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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I sadly have a problem with huffing air duster or canned air. the other night while I was huffing a can of it I can only assume I passed out, I woke up and my upper right arm had a very large red swollen mass around it on my bicep. I am guessing I passed out with the can upside down and my arm rested on it and I must have causes some sort of severe burn to my skin. I am not sure what I should do it has in a day and a half turned very bloody, is not appearing to heal well. I have avoided going to the ER due to my being ashamed of this type of problem but I also want to know that this type of wound is something that will be able to mend on its own before it's to late.

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I'm glad that you recognize that this is a problem and I hope you're taking steps to get treated for it. If you don't know how dangerous huffing is, please look around for the list of short and long-term effects.

As to your specific problem, I imagine what happened was that you've experienced a sort of frostbite from the chilled can. Even if this is not the case, you should see a doctor, if not go straight to the emergency room. If you have a personal doctor, I would try to make an appointment and first have him check out the burn but also tell him that you've been having problems with inhalant abuse.

Your conversation will be confidential and he will most likely be able to provide you with some information on where to get help in your area. I wish you the best.
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