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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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My mother in law was cleaning her sons room and found a bunch of balloons and some things she described as looking like bullets or pellets.  She thinks he has been huffing but wants to know what he is doing so she can look for anything that may be similar in her house and get rid of it.  Anyone have any ideas on what this may be?  She hasn't found any paint cans, dusters or other "typical" huffing poisons around.


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stalnakerz- Depending on the size and what exactly the "bullets or pellets" look like, my initial thought is that they could be whipped cream chargers. These small, metallic objects are canisters filled with nitrous oxide that are supposed to be used in whipped cream dispensers to propel the cream.  When not used correctly it is possible to be used for an inhalant.

It sounds like he may be opening the small canisters into the balloons, then inhaling the gas from the balloon into his body.  Please urge your mother in law to talk with her son about the dangers of inhalant abuse.

Queshia B
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