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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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Does anyone know if there is a specific test to find air duster in someone's blood?  If so what is it that the lab should look for?  I have been told yes there is and no there's not. Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated.


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The problem with testing for most substances which are involved in inhalant abuse is that they do not stick around long enough to detect- even by the most sophisticated labs. For example, testing has to occur with a few hours of use. If a lab person were to obtain a blood sample of someone while they are still "high" and you can get a blood sample, rapidly refrigerate it and have a rough idea of what the compound being inhaled is... then you can test for it.

On the other hand, there are some compounds, like toluene (found in some products which may be abused), which have metabolites that can be detected in the urine for a period of time after the exposure. However, many of the abuse compounds will not have such metabolites.

Also, you do need to know which chemical you are looking for- you can ask for more than one chemical but the lab needs to be notified. This test may take up to a week, depending on where it is shipped, and before ordering it, a doctor should talk to the lab to verify the capabilities.

With all this said, if you know your child is abusing or potentially abusing then there is a chance that it could be detected in urine and/or blood. Unfortunately, there are no over the counter tests so this would require a very good analytical laboratory.

Hope this is of some help...

Has anyone had first-hand experience with testing for inhalants?

Queshia B

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Testing can be performed, however at this time it is not clear how long the chemical can be detected after use. I have also seen on this site alot of misinformation regarding duster products. They do not cause the "high" by oxygen deprivation and likely operate through cell receptors just like most other drugs. These compounds can be deadly, we have had at least 4 deaths in our county in the last couple of years.

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