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Centrifugal vacuum pump structure. The absorbed gas produces centrifugal force under the action of the high-speed rotating impeller, and the step-by-step pressurization is discharged to the outlet of the impeller of the pump to deal with the center of the quasi-middle passage. When the deviation is large, the pumping capacity will be affected. When assembling and overhauling, it must be noted that if there is a large deviation, it must be adjusted.

The main parts of centrifugal vacuum pump are: air inlet section, air inlet plate, middle baffle, last baffle, impeller, shaft, bearing frame, oil seal box, etc. The pump is driven by a motor. The main parts of the pump studio are HT200 cast iron, the impeller is riveted structure, the core of the wheel is HT200 cast iron, the front and rear cover plates are made of LY8 hard aluminium, the shaft is made of high quality carbon steel, after quenching and tempering treatment, the ends of the shaft are sealed with PTFE graphite, and the bearings are lubricated with lithium-based grease for low noise single row centripetal ball bearings.

Single-suction multi-stage segmented centrifugal vacuum pump is used as a gas medium for sucking or transporting air and dry air with similar physical and chemical properties. It is suitable for vapor pumping of garments, metallurgy, paper making, cement, textile, chemical industry, light industry, etc.

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