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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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I worked in facility that used an ammonia/alcohol mixture for cleaning we got this stuff in 50 gal barrels and i would just put it directly in mop bucket to mop up the chemicals we used(which were even more dangerous than the a/a mix we wore all the proper ppe but i began to love this smell as it hit my nostrils with a kick and i began using it more and more then i put some in a small plastic container and carried it home so i could sniff it, then i began buying ammonia and alcohol and mixing it so i could get the right smell i cleaned with it at home and l was obsessed my daughter urged me to stop so i began looking for a substitute, I dont know the reason for this "sniffing obsession" i dont get high i just like that kick to my senses. So i tried vicks it was roo weak for me so then o tried icy hot....yes the muscle rub strong also then i tried Bio freeze , then i got some stuff at chiropractor it was extremely strong menthol with some capsaicin i actually sniffed this up my nose omg i couldnt stop myself i carried it with me and it also got expensive for me, so i dont know how but i figured out that if i rubbed this product (and probably any mentholated product ) on to a rag after it dries i could. Just sniff anytime without putting anything in my nose and its still very strong so its satisfying for me its kind of like a home made vicks inhaler but cheaper.and maybe stronger it helps me. People smoke menthol cigarettes, and i know its not good for me but its better than ammonia......which by the way is in smelling salts and some weight lifters take a sniff of these before they lift you can watch this on youtube.they will tell you why they do it.

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Try finding some peppermint oil at a cvs or a health food store. My friends use it to sort of “wake them up” a bit, it has a nice burny smelly sensation. It is also very safe. You put a little on your finger and rub it below your nose, it lasts for quite a while. This may solve the cost, health and visible “huffing” problem for you.
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