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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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my father has an addiction problem.
my mother thinks its pills.
i thought it was too. You see my mother and i would stand by the door of the bathroom and listen to the sounds my dad would make when he was in there, obviously getting high. I know he is addicted to pills. uhh well, i think. BUT when i heard him spraying something, i checked it out later on.. the only things i could find were the aerosol air fresheners.  the plastic on one of them was coming off, and what looked like burnt marks under it but it is possible to burn the bottle? I found this website off one of the fresheners and found my father shows almost ALL of the symptoms of inhalant abuse.
i dont know what to do.
im just a 15 year old.
i cant make a difference to an adult...
or can i?



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Sure you can make a difference!  First, thank you for taking his behavior seriously and being proactive in finding answers.


Next, kudos for deducing that your father is an inhalant abuser, something we find that even some adults have trouble realizing.  In terms of what you can do, you’ve already took the first step which is looking for resources to try to understand the issue.


Next you may want to tell your mom and/or any other adult who can assist you in speaking with your father about the seriousness of this problem and with getting him help. 

Queshia B
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