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The coolant circulating pump can be called "mini type" because of its small size and convenient use. On the basis of other cryogenic pumps in our factory, we have developed and manufactured a series of rotary evaporators, extraction equipment, 1L~5L glass reactor, vacuum reactor, heat exchange cooling and cooling of heating parts of other devices.

industrial liquid ring vacuum pump

The refrigerant of cryogenic pump is HFC (R407C). CCA-20 has self-diagnostic function, refrigeratory timing protection, compressor overload protection switch, overload relay, thermal protection device, etc.

molecular vacuum pump price

The cooling water circulation pump can be placed on the experimental platform, and the direction can be changed at will. The cooling capacity at 20 C is suitable for recovery of low boiling solvents with a rotary evaporator. When the liquid temperature is 10 degrees, the cooling capacity can reach 450W (387kcal/h) and can be used for cooling two rotary evaporators. Purchase the flow control valve selected. The circulating flow can be adjusted according to need.

Roots blower

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