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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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hi, i am 18 (female) and a recovering duster (computer duster) addict. i have been inpatient in hospitals several times. i have relapsed several times but now, by the grace of my higher power, i have been clean off all drugs for almost 60 days. i am in narcotics anonymous and go to meetings regularly. i am in an outpatient now and graduating from it soon.

during my addiction i was inhaling 6-10 cans of duster every single day. i was stealing all of it. i also became addicted to cocaine and would do the two together sometimes. my parents attend a family night each week to learn more about addiction and how IT IS A DISEASE.

i just wanted to share a little of my story for parents of inhalent abusers or addicts themselves and say that THERE IS HOPE.

it really is a miracle that i am clean. this stuff really did ruin my life. i dropped out of college, quit my job, got into NUMOROUS car accidents while under the influence and stopped attending family gatherings and so so much more.

i now hang out with family and spend more time with my boyfriend and friends. i do get cravings (i know, how could someone with so many consequences still want to get high) but other addicts/abusers understand the feelings and i know that i do. so if anyone wants to talk with me whether they be fellow addicts or parents or family members im more than willing to talk.

if you are addicted GET HELP. and i share the same addiction, so know that you are not alone.

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abuser1990 -

GOOD FOR YOU FOR GETTING HELP AND STAYING CLEAN!! Thank you for sharing your story. My fiance' died this past June from inhaling computer duster. No one had any clue he had this problem. I am so glad to see some good come from such an awful addiction!!

Do you have any advice to give to the younger kids on here who are addicted to something and are too afraid to get help or talk to someone? Being younger yourself I think any advice you could relay would be EXTREMELY helpful. I've seen a lot of posts on here where someone is struggling with an addiction but won't listen to anyone to get help because they are afraid. So feel free to share along those lines too...

Keep up the great work and know you can always come to this site for support and encouragement. We are all here for you!!

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abuser1990- Just wanted to check in and see how you were doing! 

Thank you so much for sharing your story.  I'm sure it will inspire others to that inhalant abuse seriously and to get help.

Queshia B

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I would like to talk message me on Facebook Charles green
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