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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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Hello everyone, I would like to gather a group of people who are willing to fight against DUSTER! lets get it banned or under lock and key!

If you are interested please contact me by phone or email and lets put our heads together and make this happen.


Sonia Rocha
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I am in no way trying to rub my nose at or belittle your intentions, they are great.  But where does it stop?  Are we going to ban gasoline? Nail polish remover? Freon? Gasoline? Lysol? Air freshener? Axe body spray? Glue? Markers? There are well over a thousand types of items that have been inhaled and abused by people.  People will find something else to inhale or abuse. The products when used as intended are fine, but the people with cravings for a high and addictive personalities are what need to be fixed. Whether it's better drug education, therapy or rehab programs. People need to be aware of the long list of stories of lives killed or ruined by inhaling Duster and other things. 


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I wish we could sound the alarm somehow on these can companies. I believe there are several non addicting chemicals that can be used to blow out electronics. Also several bitterants that would make an inhaler vomit. The profit from users, huffers, might be the bulk of these companies profit. I have worked on a PC for 10 years and have the same can of duster. Not even a PC repair shop should ever need more than a couple of dozen cans per year. I am still sorry and shaken by your losses. I have no faith in even specified programs, seems like they specialize in making money and quickly washing their hands. Like the er. This isn't just another inhalant, if you believe that then really you need to read more posts. Anyone being drug tested is really at risk. AA is also a place where a person might learn of the can trick.God help us, our society seems not to care. Forgive my rants and ty for wanting to confront this. Lost my son Justin 8 mo ago and still confused and shaken. So much so that  each day is still a struggle. I plan on calling you on a good day and see if I can help. God bless, richie

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You must have read my mind, ever since my husband died nearly 5 years ago from computer duster i have been wanting to get it taken off the shelves, so no one else will have to go through what my kids and myself have had go through. I know its not going to stop people from doing inhalants but what it will do is raise even more awareness on this deadly drug as well as make it less accessible as well as save a few lives in the process. 


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But its like others have said how are you gonna ban everything else. The kids in our town are taking starter fluid and putting it in water bottles and taking it to school and huffing it. If your gonna try and ban one thing what about everything else. I mean here you have to be 18 to buy duster I don't under stand why they don't make it that way for everything else then. I have 2 boys and both of them huff. I have one in prison now and the other which is the youngest he is 16 finally put himself in rehab. I worry everyday if he is still doing it or not. but there is no way to tell and it drives me nuts not knowing.
Shelly Carter
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