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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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I've been huffing air duster for about two years. I've been arrested over twenty times and been in and out of outpatient rehabs. I did 40 days in one jail, and 15 in another. I've had three dwis from huffing in my car in random parking lots. I've overdosed dozens of times. I've been to many different hospital emergency rooms for huffing and burns. There were many times I've thought to myself, "This is it. I'm going to die huffing in a Walmart bathroom." I've lied, I've stolen. I have woken up in bushes bleeding and bruised not knowing what happened. There's a good chance I've been attacked, beaten and raped while high. I've done loads of drugs, but duster is the one that really got me and brought me to my knees. I am still struggling everyday with this terrible addiction. I've suffered numerous burns and been hospitalized many times. I recently relapsed and huffed about 30 or so cans in one day. This is just one image of what duster can do. If anyone you know has considered huffing air duster, show then this picture and maybe they'll think twice. Duster ruined my face and ruined my life. I am lucky to be alive.

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Alliance for Consumer Education
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Thank you for sharing your story and these photos. I am the moderator of this message board and would like to know if you would be interested in sharing your story and struggle with inhalants on our site If you are, please feel free to email me at:


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How are you today? Please tell me you're ok
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