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Inhalant Abuse Prevention

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Hi Im a female 20 and I've used inhalants on and off for a few years. I recently had a scary experience where I began to have panic attacks and uncontrollable anxiety. It caused me to quit. It's been literally 8 days. After some withdrawals I experience chest pain and extreme thirst as well as anemia. I was wondering if anybody else experienced weird things like extreme thirst and how long does it last????

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Also headaches and dry throat. If your a recovered user or recovering, what were your effects and how long did they last?

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Hi. Here is my reply to your question about inhalants. I'm being very serious.

DO YOU WANT TO DIE? Seriously , do you? When you get high off of huffing are u ready for it to be your last breath on earth ?

Think about this I'm asking.
I'm not going to give you the usual that people say , trying to convince you to stop, because it all sounds unappealing to a user.

I buried my husband 2 months ago. He huffed.
I asked him the same question I asked you.
He is dead now.

Email me if you would like help .



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I am 16 years old. I'm going through tough times in my life. I used 70% isopropyl rubbing alcohol for the first time. I want to know why it had such a calming effect. I was bawling my eyes out 4 minutes ago and now I feel fine. I don't want it to become an additional​ problem in my life. I know it will kill me. And I don't want to die yet I do. I choose between death or face reality almost daily. And yet I still haven't found even one answer to my question. Email me if anyone can help before it gets worse.
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