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Inhalant Abuse Prevention

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Anyonehere....yes, my daughter has a very good support system with us, her parents, and probation officer and even her counselors. I told her today she's lucky as hell.  I even had her read your post about huffing in the car. Because she was caught a couple times at home, she resorted to sneaking away to do it...and ALSO caught. That's a good thing in a way I guess.  About being in the front seat...she has a degree in criminal justice, and knows all the laws.  I was surprised too, but she said drinking or under the influence and being in the front shows possible intent to drive, even if keys aren't in the ignition, so that's why she went into the back seat. I don't know about the laws in other states, but it's true here.  Before she did it, she had the presence of mind to know that. I wonder how people look into the car and see a person back there and call cops. If I saw someone in the back, in a parking lot, I'd assume they were sleeping, lol, while the driver went into the store to buy something.  Guess that's me being stupid to this scene.  Now I'll know better. But thank God for those people because the person could have stopped breathing, had a heart attack or whatever else.   My daughter has a good relationship with her prob officer. he was so disappointed when paperwork turned up on his desk when she was brought to emergency the first time. he came to the house and actually yelled at her.  he said he trusted she cut any crap, told her to get resigned up for group and one on one (which she had already reached out to the counselor before she knew he knew) and had to go back to seeing him once a week. It was once a month.  I think all of that was necessary though.
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