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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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I found a bag thing at my dads house:-

Its a plastic bag, with what looks like cotton wool inside, with a pipe leading into it, with a cable tie and cellotape around it to secure.

Am I going mad or is that something to do with huffing?!!

Please help anyone, Im going out of my head with worry.

Thanks Raquel

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Raquel - I'm sorry that you're so worried about your dad. What you described could possibly be used to abuse inhalants, but it could also be for another purpose entirely.

Although it may not relieve all of your fears, you could ask him something like, "Dad, what's that weird bag thing I found?". If you aren't satisfied with the answer, keep a lookout for other signs of inhalant use - weird smells, going through inhalants at a faster rate than normal, etc.

I'm glad that you're able to recognize the dangers of inhalants. Maybe you could start a dialogue with your father by saying that you learned about inhalants recently and never knew that they could be so harmful. If he is using inhalants, it may prompt him into looking for ways to quit.

Please email me ( if you have additional questions/worries.

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Thank you for helping, i will certainly approach my dad again.

I have already asked him what it was and he seemed not to know. 

Unfortunately I do not live with my dad and would not be able to keep an eye on smells or use.

Thank you again.  Raquel

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he uses that device to recycle crack cocaine hits.
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