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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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I am in a heartbreaking situation and any help or advice is appreciated as I have never experienced this before. I recently started dating my boyfriend and unfortunately he was charged with a DUI a month ago. He has the SCRAM bracelet on, and has been adhering to it. Recently I've noticed a strange change in his behavior. He blames it on alcohol withdraws, but I know his behavior is way too extreme for alcohol withdraw. He recently has been having episodes of talking to himself, stumbling, stuttering, losing control over his body, spilling things. He even fell and hit his head on the concrete (I was out of town). I noticed duster cans moving from in the closet, from underneath the sink (depending on where in the house I was). I can hear the spraying noise, and that's when I observe those symptoms. I suspect he is trying to get around his SCRAM bracelet by getting high without alcohol or drugs. I also found 6 empty cans in the trash. I am terrified to ask him about it because I am scared he will lash out or become defensive or make up a lie and turn it around on me. He even had an episode in which he beat his Chihuahua multiple times because he thought he peed on the carpet (old stain). 
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