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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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Hello I am Cookie_Tianna's best-friend, ex-boyfriend, and many different things but I am here to talk to everyone about my experience with hand sanitizer, when i was in the 6th grade along with Tianna we would (on the regular) sniff hand sanitizer and sometimes more serious like rubber cement, while Tianna did suffer from a very serious experience i did not luckily, but still she was drawn into seriously painful headaches and other bad side effects, so, don't do it. I definetely do not reccomend the use of hand sanitizer because although it may not cause any harm to you're body it will open doors to other VERY dangerous inhalants such as (rubber cement) which, "cookie_tianna", had to suffer from and other VERY dangerous substances such as keyboard cleaner, spray paint, glue, PROPANE, and MANY MANY easily obtained substances out there. PLEASE take notice in the fact that this may not sound as serious as you think, but, it can change you're life.

Hey, I'm Isaac, Feel free to message me with any problems about you're situations.

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Hey Isaac!!!  Thanx so much for joining on with me I really appreciate it...  Love ya, bye!!!

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Wow mixedboifranchise & cookie_tianna! Thanks for being willing to share your story to prevent other kids from going through the same thing.

Feel free to check out other posts on the board and leave comments.

Queshia B
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