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My daughter has ODD, OCD & ADD.  She has been huffing - and admitted it to us almost a week ago.  She currently is under the care of a psychologist and a psychiatrist.  She is going withdrawl right now - and is very volatile to me (I was the once who knew she was huffing and confronted her about it).  She did tell me the truth the day after I confronted her.  My husband and I went through her room (upstairs), and found an aerosol can and magic markers.  I also found nail polish and another large marker today.  I need HELP...  What can I do that I am not already doing?  Where would a teenager hide the rest of her stash? 


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my name is andrew and i read your quick story about your daughter .. I'm sorry to hear about this and it is hard to cope with that as a parent i can tell .. what i can tell you is that you need to be relaxed with your daughter .. she herself is going through an extremely hard time as well .. just as hard as you .. and although you probably feel as though you failed as parent to her .. you didn't .. she feels as though she failed you and that's a fact .. you seem to have the situation controlled pretty well seeking her help .. but please remember not to overload her with people she doesn't know and most likely doesn't trust .. what you should do is get in contact with a very close friend of hers so that they can talk it out and discuss what the deal is you know ? .. other than that stay in strong with all your doing .. good luck
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