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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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My sister is 14 years old and I think she might be huffing rubbing alcohol. I'm not experienced on this topic so hopefully someone can confirm my suspicions.
- The first thing I noticed was that our Rubbing alcohol always goes missing. A year or 2 ago I realized that a couple if days after buying a full bottle of rubbing alcohol it would be finished. When I'm not home, she's with her grandmother and my grandmother doesn't use it that much

- The 2nd thing was that after denying having anything to do with the missing rubbing alcohol she began claiming she had cuts she was cleaning, or was using it to remove her nail polish

- The 3rd thing was when I was cleaning her lunchbox and found a sandwich bag with a folded up piece of paper towel soaking in alcohol. Again I was led to believe it was to remove her nail polish but I would also see her walking around the house with, or find them around her room

- The last thing was a reuseable water bottle that had pieces of paper towel wet with rubbing alcohol. My sister has a habit of chewing paper towel so when I first saw her carrying around this bottle around the house with her I assumed it was a collection of the paper towel she was chewing; but when I went to throw it away today I realized it was unchewed paper towel with rubbing alcohol

Are these signs that she's sniffing alcohol? And if so how do I go about preventing her from doing it?

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It does sound like it a little, maybe try to talk about it, but lightly.
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