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How to deal with the rusting of water ring vacuum pump

How to deal with the rust of water ring vacuum pump? The motor can't turn. Can hydrochloric acid be used? Is the vacuum pump rusty, not the motor, but the motor can not move. Is the vacuum pump rusty or there is scale inside?

If scale can be soaked in oxalic acid, hydrochloric acid can also be used, but to control the concentration of hydrochloric acid, too high acidity will corrode the pump, if it is water rust, you can use oil lubrication, or use pipe pliers to move. Of course, hydrochloric acid can not be released. When the motor is fixed, it can pour some loosening fluid on the bearing, and after loosening, it can be poured with lubricating oil. This should be the result of poor maintenance in peacetime. When not in use for a long time, it is necessary to release the water and store the desiccant in the pump. Which water you can add a little rust inhibitor, it will be better.

The rust in the vacuum pump chamber is mainly caused by the excessive water temperature of the water ring pump. When the temperature is high, there will be scales. If there is more scales, there will be no clearance in the pump chamber, which will cause the vacuum pump to rotate immovably. The circulating water should control the water temperature. At present, there is no better solution, which is a disadvantage. Next, water should be released when it is no longer used. If you can add some oil to lubricate the impeller and pump chamber, it will run when you use the pump next time.

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