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Inhalant Abuse Prevention

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how long do the effects of huffing last and what can be done to clean out your system?   my son was caught using canned air.  he says it is his first time, buy i don't know if he can be trusted now.  i would appreciate any help or thoughts on this matter.  thank you.


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There are short term and long term effects of huffing. Type and length of effects may vary by product, how long a person has been using, and the inhalant user's specific body chemistry.

You may want to see a doctor for ways to clean out his system.  Does anyone out there have any ideas?

Lastly, there is a common misconception with "canned air" that it's just air and not harmful.  THIS IS NOT TRUE. Huffing this product is far more dangerous than breathing regular air.  Please inform your son that there is a chemical in the product, and people have died or have been seriously injured from abusing the product, because they failed to realize that it wasn't air. 

Queshia B

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thank you for your input.

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this is my first time on this site, just a week ago today my 16 year old admitted he had a drug problem, he was admitted into a program last wednesday. Please take my advice, if he has used it once and admits it there is more. i have been dealing with this same thing for 2 months, keep talking to your child, keep asking questions....and dont give up. I told my son that i was not going anywhere and that i will keep investigating until i find out what is going on with him. 2 months ago my son told me the same thing that he only did it once and that he smoked pot every once in a while, by last wednesday there was so much brought out that i am still completely shocked. my son plays football and wrestles, he is a good kid, just got mixed up with something he can not control. dont give up on your child, stay involved until you are satisfied that he is clean.
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