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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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I’ve always liked the smell of perfumes, sharpies, gasoline, etc. it’s common right? Two years ago maybe I started buying body sprays and perfumes because it’s what teens do. However i started liking how the alcohol smelled in them with the fragrance. I began spraying a lot of the part of my sleeve and inhale it through my nose. I’ve wasted 8flo oz bottles of body sprays just for that. I would buy extra bottles so I can use one to huff and to use on myself. Lately I’ve started inhaling it through my mouth and I just like how it feels? It was worse a couple month back, my water bottles would taste like perfume or the water because of it. However it’s returned again. There’s this face toner that smells like alcohol except it it’s less stronger so it doesn’t hurt as bad but I like to inhale that too. I thought it was something I liked to do but after wondering if it was bad I found about what huffing was and the dangers of it. I have asthma which isn’t ‘active’ I don’t take inhalers or check ups because it doesn’t affect me. Recently I’ve felt I have less tolerance to running and other stuff and it’s probably because I’m harming my lungs. Idk what to do, I feel my mom will be angry that I do this. I never meant for it to go this far. Any suggestions on how to stray away from it?

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If you would like a real and bold answer to your question, here goes. Stop and get help, whatever that means and involves, or watch yourself destroy your life and possibly die. That’s it. Do you want to live ? Or be another tragic story ? It’s that real.
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