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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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My husband was 36 years old, he died spraying this stupid stuff into a bag on November 29 2006. Thats how me and my two young girls found him. my girls are on homebound due to this they are suffering from depression. We need to get this product off the market now, and everything  else like it. One lousy can took a husband and a father away from us......I am so angry (still at him, for not being smart) and at the company.

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Dear fallchild1:
What an incredibly painful and traumatic experience for you and your children to walk in on. Were you aware of previous use or is this the first you are learning about the issue?

Your post also brings up an interesting point when you mention "this stuff." The key with inhalant abuse is that the list of products abused is not simple as it seems to continuously grow. The latest numbers now show it as well over 1,400 products (or combinations of various products). When we are out in the communities speaking about the issue, we are also never ceased to be amazed at the latest creations of the new ways of "getting high." If only all that creativity was being used for good....

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This shows to us all that "Kids" are not the only ones that can fall victim to Abusing Canned Air Products or any other chemical.
"Huffing" has been around for decades.
When I was in Junior High in the 70's the popular item was "poppers".
With these canned air products so readily available at most retailers, anyone can obtain them.
A friend who has fought this problem since being introduced to the stuff by a male junior high teacher, has waisted his 401k, his savings and now is looking at Cancer.
Someone has to get these products off the market.
I am so sorry for your loss.


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On the Way Out-  Thanks for sharing your friend's story!  Maybe if more kids (and adults) knew how harmful the effects of abusing inhalants were, they would not bother to use them.  Does your friend speak out to inform others of his bout with inhalants and how it ruined his life?

Queshia B
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