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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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When i was 10 i Discovered Deodrent, and being able to slighty push down the cap tog et out a see through gas. I started to sniff this everynow and then..

I am now 14, My Mum and Dad have Divorced which im sure has kind of helped to lead towards my problem...

Ever since about a week later i started hiding Nail Vanish, Deodrents, Paint, Tipex ( how ever it is ) under my bed...

Recently i have been doing about 10 puffs a day, about one can of deodrents worth in a day...

I go dizzy, I get flashes infront of me.

One thing i have notcied is each brand can give off a different side effect...

One spray made me open my eyes to what i am doing to my self, and people around me...

I was huffing one day, when i satrted to almost go in to a Sezure type thing...

My body was flashing , i was hearing voices of my dad who does not live with me, Which i ened up answering too opening my door.

Then when i was blowing into the bag i felt like my lungs where shrinking along with the bag, i started haveing trouble breatheing. I was scared shittless...

I went downstairs and ended up pretty much passing out...

No one knows i do this...

I dont want to do it..

I am just looking for help of people who ust to abuse. and how you got off the nasty stuff..

I think of going to talk to a councilor at my school but allways end up saying to my self never mind i was work it out my self...

- Dan.
Thank you for takeing youre time to read .

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Dan- I am glad you realize you have a problem and want to stop.  You were on the right track with wanting to speak with your counselor as it is best to seek professional help.

I know you want to work it out by yourself, but it may make things easier with support; and you can only get support if you let someone know what you are going through.  If you don't feel comfortable talking to your mom or doctor, the next time you're at school, stop by that counselor's office and let him/her know what's going on. Don't feel silly, or like they will look at you in a different light.  It's their job, plus I'm sure they've heard a lot of personal problems your classmates are going through too.

Does anyone out there have other ideas of who Dan could reach out to?? 

Queshia B

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you need to do something son. you dont want to end up like me. I sniffed gas for a long time, screwed myself up too. I commend you in wanting to get off the stuff your doing. I'm not sure what the long term effects of deoderant are, but if its anything like gas, it's horrible. memory loss, brain damage, neurological degeneration. the list is long, but I'll spare you the heavy details, sniffing is bad, period. I wish I had quit sooner. write me anytime you need advice or support.
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