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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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i had been using duster for only a few days, after school me and a few friends would stop over at the near by store in one of the town centers, and take "a hit" right there in the store. as the week went on we all decided to by a bottle so we pitched in and got like a sixteen ounce bottle. the next day 2 of my friends and i choose to take it to school and experiment during passing, and recesses. i learned that when inhaling it you are keeping out the oxygen, and decreasing it from reaching you're heart and brain. you get slight effects of drinking, yet for 15secs or less. but at the moment i was not so educated and thought it only might cause the loss of some brain cells. so later that night we all came to my house and had finished the bottle. the sensation was awesome i waned it to be endless so i was the one to finish it i don't want to admit. but i started coughing and the shaking sensation never went away still to today i also cant feel my tongue or lips. my brother had joined us that night so i decided to talk to him. "i m so numb and my arm was in pain" i told him. then he told me he researched and duster kills 1 out of 6 teens. i was afraid and soon sobered myself yet i could not feel my mouth still. i checked my arm for any cuts i might have gotten while on duster but it turns out it had given me a large hive on my arm and wasn't about to go away, i still have it the pain is like my arm is on fire. my friends think i might have burned my self when i was using duster that night. i disagreed the mark on my arm was not cause by a burn nor a bite, but non other than the duster. this encouraged me to read further and found many teens all over were dying. it is known before they die their tongues began to burn and i realized so had mine. i looked it up and the chemicals in dusters contain a gas that may cause frostbite. my tongue is still recovering and my taste buds are numb and i cant eat.

iam scared.

i don't want to die

I'm trying to warn you


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You seem to know about inhalant abuse; the signs/symptoms and effects.  With this said, why even try inhalants if you know the dangers?


To your other point I am not sure what could have caused that sort of reaction on your arm (are there any medical professionals out there?) but it may be best to see a doctor or contact the manufacturer of the product to get a specific answer.

Lastly, does anyone know where the "dusters kill 1 out of 6 teens" statistic comes from? I have never seen or heard of this number...

Queshia B
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