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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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To all of you who have shared on this thread, thank you. My brother, 50, is currently incarcerated on two counts of inhalant abuse and DWI (inhaling while dr to wal mart to get more duster). I can’t describe the nightmare my family and i have endured through this process. Just 6 weeks ago, i went to visit him (i live in Florida and he lives in Texas). He forgot i was coming. I had the sickest feeling all day while traveling and he wasn’t responding to my calls/texts. When i got to his house, i thought he was dead. He was in his bed, surrounded by hundreds of cans, laying there lifeless. I thought my brother had died. That week was horrific for me (he probably doesn’t remember it). Police, ambulances, hospitals, sent home just to start all over again... three times in one week i had to call 911. The hospitals just sent him home In a taxi after he sobered up. I pleaded with them to not send him Home.... that they would just be sending him to his death. It. Was. A. Nightmare. Finally THat weekend he got a DUI at 2am for huffing while Driving. He was sent home. Two days later i found him crashed out again and i asked the police if they could Just arrest him, and they did. That was his second charge in a week. The bail is over $4000 now and no court date. It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do.

He has been in jail now for 5-6 weeks and has gained 24 pounds and sounds normal. It is such a relief. Of course he hates jail but he hasn’t asked for help yet to get out... but i know he will as he’s just about hit his limit. I told him last night i just want him to be alive and if it’s in jail then so be it. I will print this entire thread and send to him. He keeps telling me he is completely over the dusting, but i have heard that many times.

And reading your stories, it sounds like the urge never goes away. He lives alone, has lost his job, has no social life at all. His 19 year old daughter is scared of him. He has lost everything. But in my heart of hearts, i know God has a bigger plan for him. I am praying that he too will find a rehab group to stick with - he has gone before (court mandates) but hasn’t stayed. Thank you for sharing this bit of encouragement. May God bless you all in your journey!

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Thank you thank you for sharing your story. Your story was my story; going to Walmart and passing out in the car after buying a can. Huffing when driving and banging up my car multiple times, cops catching me passed out in cars - your story is mine. I am going to therapy and my counselor suggested that I look online for support groups for huffing duster because I though that i was the only one who hugged duster, was the only one desperate enough to huff duster. I’m so so thankful I came across your story. Thanks again!

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Rachael, I'm glad you reached out!! You're far from the only one, as you can see just by looking through these forums. Feel free to email me anytime at .... as you said, our stories are the same and I've been there, so maybe I can be helpful to you .... 
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