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Inhalant Abuse Prevention

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Anyone like to chat about your inhaling rubbing alcohol, Id be soooo grateful to be able to share with you, and listen as well to your struggles. Let me know when would be convenient.


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There are definitely people here who can relate to you. Have you read this message thread about "inhaling rubbing alcohol"? Please read it. Those who have posted are reachable by email under their profiles (click on their name and go their profile to leave them a personal message if you wish/need). PLEASE READ:

Love, Lisa Hart (ClaudiasSister)

P.S. Please do not hesitate to email me (my personal email is shown in my profile) ANY TIME, for ANY THING -- I AM REALLY & TRULY HERE FOR YOU!

"When it comes inhalants, your NEXT breath could be your LAST." © Lisa Hart, 2010

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ohhh emm geee , im only 15 years oldd andd i cant stopp sniffingg this stuff . i will sniff anythingg w/ rubbing achoool in it . i will sit somewheree and sifff for hourssss , andd thenn i heardf if you eat ice while sniffinqq  it will help with the burning in your thoart , mann i thinkk im goinqq tew kill my selff forr reall . becauseee i thinkk im gettingg addicected to it for reall


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marsheacopper14 - Thank you for sharing your story and for reaching out for help.  The chemicals that are in products used for huffing may certainly be both mentally as well as physically addictive.  What you're doing each time that you take a sniff of rubbing alcohol or any type of chemical is playing "Chemical Russian roulette" with your life and quality of life.  Your sitting somewhere and sniffing for hours is incredibly both deadly and destructive!  Huffing can be deadly or cause permanent, irreversible damage after the very FIRST time.  Inhalant use may cause Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), hearing loss, seizures, limb spasms, bone marrow (fatty inner lining of the bones that makes blood cells) damage, other organ damage such as to the heart/liver/kidneys or even death (to reiterate, after just ONE time of use).  Please talk with your parents or another adult that you trust about the inhalant use.  It is imperative so that you don't get permanently disabled or even lose your life from inhaling chemicals. 

If it's too tough for you to actually tell your parents, how about writing them a letter and hopefully including that you want help to stop the destructive behavior.  Perhaps you were trying to self-medicate or such, but there is a lot of help and resources out there for those that want the help.

This website has information and counseling (outpatient) and treatment centers: (and some counseling places may have state or county funding for those without health insurance).  Please feel free to show that site to your parents or whomever would get you treatment. 

Thanks again for reaching out for the help that you so desperately need before it's too late, and there are permanent consequences to what you've been doing.  Please get well and make good, healthy choices in life [smile]

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Marsheacopper14, inhalant abuse is very serious. It can kill on the first or fortieth use and leave you with permanent bodily damage. There are several things you can do to end your addiction.

Professional help is essential to getting better. Counselors can provide the best advice as they are trained to deal with addiction. As Janesmith recommended, visit the SAMHSA facility locator to find help your area. Type in your zip code and it will search the closest professionals in your locale.

Tell friends and family about your addiction. This can be difficult, but it is a crucial step in beating your habit. Sharing this information will create accountability. They will be alert to warning signs should you regress. 

You sound like an intelligent person who has much to offer. Do not sell yourself short and damage your body through addiction. Please continue to seek support here. 
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