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hi. i'm wondering if any of you guys can help me and tell me what is going on and why this is happening.

i was in the basement (the game room) yesterday hangin' out with a couple friends, when my girlfriend goes and sits down in the chair next to the computer and grabs the air duster. she starts huffin'.
we tell her to stop and that it's really stupid, but she just won't. she passes out on the concrete basement floor. she fell backwards and i caught her. she seemed to be fine. told her to put it away and stop while i helped my friend look for his phone.
he goes upstairs to look  while i start looking around the room. (i had my back towards her for one minute and she's doing it again!
this time, she starts to fall forward from the chair. before i can run and catch her, she hits the floor with a thud! i thought she hit her head! and when she fell, i think, the can turned upside down.
i carry her over alittle to the left from where she fell, and notice that she's foaming from the mouth. i panic alittle bit and completely lay her down and start to hover over her, checking to see if her eyes will open, then if her heart is still beating.
after about a minute of this, she finally comes to and  she wipes off the foam from her  mouth. 
my buddy of mine, comes down and takes the can away from her. i ask her if she is okay and if her head hurts or anything, and she tells me that she can't feel anything. she doesn't know. we give her some water because her mouth was dry and had a nasty taste in it.
she goes upstairs for the bathroom for alittle while. and then from downstairs, i heard it. something i don't think i'll never forget. she was yellin' about how hideous and how much a monster she looks.
she comes down stairs and tells us that her lips are all swollen like someone injected them with collagen.
i thought it would just die down, but over the night, it started to blister over on her lips and some bubbles started to appear on her tongue and her lips we getting bigger!
i thought she hit her head. did she hit her lips? does a certain ingredient of duster  do that to you? what should we do? i mean, she already popped the blisters last night, but it's still not comin' down. it's gettin' kind of scary.


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Dear spaghettio:

You really should make sure she sees a physician to get checked.

Definitely get it looked at (even if it is better) to make sure there is no long-term or lingering consequences...

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