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The censer is an ancient type of stove-shaped utensil. The censer in the old temple was mostly made of copper and iron. Some of the smaller censer types were made of jade, stone, pottery, porcelain, wood, copper, etc. A few cases are practical and watchful. The covered incense burner can be built with spices. After being ignited, the incense mist gas rises from the cover hole and diffuses. When it gathers and disperses, it gives people unlimited imagination.

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This piece of Ming dynasty large lacquerware censer is 157cm high and its diameter is 60cm. It is composed of three parts: the bottom foot supporting mud, the belly furnace body and the head dragon horse furnace lid. The overall shape of imitation business Zhou bronze bronze tripod, stove body imitation tripod round tripod, stove foot is imitation of four-party tripod, the perfect balance of the softness of the tripod and Fang Ding. The dragon horse on the furnace lid has a flying wing for the leading horse body. The gastropod's gastropod's connective site is the magical turtle, and the stove foot is the elephant's nose.

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Looking at the entire treasure furnace, the shape is concise, the standard atmosphere, simple but not simple, ancient but not rough, empty and empty. Embossed turtle face for the mud craftsmanship, details of the exquisite simplicity, the dynamic beast of the animal, on the stove cover that long shouting, ready to go the Ryoma, full of strength and dynamic. Spiritual gas filled the whole furnace, especially the appearance of the furnace body black lacquer, cinnabar substrate gold, lacquer clean as new, lacquer craftsmanship is very particular about the color calm and lustrous, thick paste pulp. The dragon's back on the lid of the dragon's horse, which is stepped into the ripples of the water, is a strange pattern of dotted lines and a turtle at the waist of the furnace. It is the meaning of the “River's drawing of the river, the writing of a book from the Luo, and the sages of the Zhouyi”. .

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