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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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I am lost from a whirl-wind of desire for more inhalants. It feels so amazing and I love the way it feels its beautiful. How could one ever stop is what I ask myself everyday but nothing ever responds except for a slight shaking of my fingers to do it just one more time.

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I feel close to the same,

I feel i NEED it to get through a certain thing...

I want to tell someone but i feel i cant as it will result in me stopping...


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Don't you want to stop?? If not for the people around you who love you, but for your health?

Queshia B

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Dang and Dan,

If you have not read the entry Do Something Before it is to Late - go and read it.  And if you have read it, read it again.  Better yet, print it, keep a copy of it and make yourself read it every time you are tempted.  Just maybe it might give you the strength and courage to say no.

janna d zuber

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Hi, im the one who sent in Do something before its too late..Kenny didn't huff until this dare and now we see that all it takes is one time for things to go so terribly wrong! He went into cardiac arrest and was clinically dead for 15 minutes, his throat and tongue swelled so bad they had to trach him, his tongue was frostbit from the cold air in the can and we thought he would lose part of it, he was on life support up til a few days ago and has not woke up since this happened just over 2 weeks ago, there is severe damage to the frontal lobe of his brain which may not be reversible. We dont know if he will ever wake up or be himself if he does. Kenny just turned 26 and has 2 beautiful daughters and had a whole lifetime ahead of him and now that might be all over. It just isn't worth the risk, imagine something going wrong and maybe you do survive but with brain damage so severe that you have to rely on someone to take to take care of you and do the smallest of daily thing for you or not knowing who your family is because you just cant remember...I'm not sorry for being so graphic because maybe it will make you think..PLEASE PLEASE seek some help before that one time is the last time!

penny m
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