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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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I have never thought of my self as a addict. In the past, years ago i used maximum impact at parties and such it was a little addicting. But i was able to stop using it no problem.
Recently about 5weeks ago i discovered duster.
I have been using 1 to 2 cans on the weekend since then.
Iam able to stay away from it no problem during the week.
But on the weekend the craving gets to me and i find my self talking my self into it or giving into it.

Last week i came clean to my girlfriend that i may need help i dont want to use this anymore.
Like i said i dont use during the week and haven't used more then 2 cans on the entire weekend.
But this is bad iam afraid.
Last night i gave into it i used a can i had some drinks and iam beginning to see alcohol is the trigger that pushes me down
Iam very lucky to have my girlfriend by my side to help me. She is being very supportive and really trying to help me.
But iam embarrassed disappointed in my self. I tought so highly of my self and now this is what it comes down to.

Any ideas would be great thank you.
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