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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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Unfortunately there's no advice from this board.

I've posted 4 threads, deleted them after about a week.  there were several views of each thread, but not a single reply.  I was referred to this board by a school counselor.  My son is abusing inhalants, no one seems to have any advice as to how to treat it.  We've discussed it with his doctor, school counselor, even an attorney, everyone just brushes it off, no real advice.

This board is frequented by abusers, not by parents/caregivers with suggestions as to how to deal with the problem.  I'm still as much in the dark as to how to treat my son as I was several weeks ago.  About all I can do is keep inhalants away from him and keep him supervised as much as possible, but I can't keep a 24/7 watch on him, no one can.  I guess we're just stuck dealing with the problem on our own!

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if that is the case then that is sad indeed. to have so many people with problems of this sort gathered in one place that at least have some form of recovery in thier minds, not to have others on the other end of that spectrum with the help available.

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i wish maybe some of the parents or other caregivers who might be on this site but giving advice, (if that is case) might feel enough about helping people with these problems that they might take it upon themselves to do research elsewhere if they must in order to offer some sort of rational help to the people with these issues. apparently the abusers are ttrying to seek help as they are here posting threads, looking for someone to be able to give them a little more info or motivation to be able to overcome.

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scottkaren52- The registrants on this message board range from teens to educators to toxicologists to parents.  I think on most discussion boards it is normal for a post to have more views/reads than replies.

Please don't think because your posts were not answered after 1 week, that they are not a contributing to the dialog we are trying to open here.  Sometimes people are a little apprehensive to respond, as they do not know exactly what to say or how to say it.  Again I encourage you to keep posting and checking back for responses. 

Please note, some users have responded to 2 of your posts thus far.

I am sorry to hear about your son and his problem.  Have you spoken directly to him about the dangerous effects of inhalants on the body?  Have you asked your doctor for treatment centers for adolescents or a substance abuse group counseling alternative?

You mentioned a school counselor referred you to this site, is inhalant abuse a growing problem in your son's school?  Is the school taking a proactive role in bringing this up to school officials, parents/guardians, etc. so you all know the signs and symptoms of an abuser?

Queshia B

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you should take your son to NA meetings. And get him into addiction counseling. that should help.... and show him how much damage it does. I know its ruining my life. show him that! help him stop before he gets too deep into the addiction!

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