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Inhalant Abuse Prevention

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The place that I work now has a steady supply of duster. This combined with my ocd and depression leads to a bad time. Almost every day I sneak into a working area, while on break or while I should be doing things, and take a blast or too to shut my head up for a bit. Late shift, so not many people.

I've already blacked out a few times and even been caught leaning against the walls or falling over. Don't always fully remember the fall or how I ended up in a certain spot. I'm quite aware of the risks.

Even bought some at one point for home use. Fell off my bed and must have bit my cheek based on the wound.

I've been on meds almost all of my life, seen multiple therapists, been in the hospital many times over.

The only things that ever really helped sort out my depression when it came to things like this were pot and Salvia, the latter of which they banned in my state years ago. It's really funny to me how things that are relatively safe and actually work for me and other people are banned and yet I can go pick up a six-pack, some smokes, and an ar-15 with no problem.

I know some people here have issues with legalization, but honestly, those two things treated me better then any drug I've been on in my life. To not have your head yelling at you over mistakes you made in 2nd grade, and actually getting to enjoy life is a strong feeling. Same with being able to explore my own headspace without danger.
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