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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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Alliance for Consumer Education
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The Alliance for Consumer Education (ACE) just launched a new website-  If you'd like to share your personal story with inhalants on that page please visit and submit your story for approval.  Please let us know if you have any questions! 

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Which type of story we can share

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Hey, I want to share a story as there may be some similarities with inhalant abuse. That is, might help parents and other loved ones spot the abuse. We went through several boughts of freon exposure.

The first thing is fatigue of muscles. Basically, notice the subject does not do anything active any more. Its kind of like you would think of a smoker. Basically, your legs feel super tired after you jog about 20 steps.

Loss of sleep from waking up short of breath (the subject may not identify it as such and may just think waking up at 4AM is neat or they have insomnia). Recall humans have a survival mechanism after about a month of life where they will wake up if they stop breathing. You don't actually know you are short of breath unless you have it really bad. You just notice you are wide awake. That general feeling of not enough oxygen is continual throughout the day and stays in the background.

Another externally visible thing is mood swings. I believe males become more violent/angry.

One more thing to mention is loss of memory recall. And loss of complex thinking. Clear signs.

Lots, lots more. But, might be interesting to hear what others know.


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Hi maxweber - please submit your story on our page and email a picture so that we may post a tribute.  We would also like to include the name, age, and date as well.  Please let us know if this is okay:

-Alliance for Consumer Education

Elizabeth Bailey ACE
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