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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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Originally Posted by Nancyp
Love lemon scented lysol as well i have five bottles plus empty water bottle around the house so when i walk in a room and want to sniff i will saw a therapist about it she said for me to go into a store and find scented lotions body sprays things that are not as strong and rub it on my hands and sniff it yes i am anemic so i have to take iron pills twice daily

I realize that your therapist was trying to engage in "harm reduction," in effect, by suggesting a scented body spray, but please be aware that even though the scent may be rather pleasant, it still contains very dangerous chemicals that shouldn't be deliberately inhaled, know what I mean.

Please, however, consider starting counseling with a licensed therapist who has specialized in addiction counseling.  Some credentials to look for include CADC (certified alcohol and drug counselor) or CAC (certified addiction counselor).

This website should have some local counseling agencies that may have licensed substance abuse counselors: and can type one's zip code or state of residence into search.

Their toll-free 24/7 *referral* hotline:

1-800-662-HELP (4357).
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