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(1) ion deposition of oxide or oxide, is stainless steel workpieces on the vacuum coating machine for vacuum evaporation plating: for example: Ti gold watch case and watch band. It's usually golden. This method is suitable for the processing of large quantities of products. Because the investment is big, the cost is high, the small batch product is uneconomical.
(2) the high temperature oxidation method is to immerse the workpiece in a specific molten salt and keep it in a certain technological range, so that the workpiece will form a certain thickness oxide film and show various colors.
(3) the chemical method is to form the color of the film through chemical oxidation in a specific solution. Generally, it can be used for more reason, but if we want to ensure the consistency of a batch of products, we must use reference telegraphy to control it.
(4) electrochemical method, in a specific solution, by electrochemical oxidation to form the color of the membrane, this business is applied.
(5) the gas phase cracking method is more complex and less used in industry.

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