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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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I'm a teenage female who has been abusing for about a year now and to be honest I'm completely embarrassed to put this on here. I abused markers mostly, also spray paint and nail polish remover.
I have these two best friends and I told them about it and they made me promise to them I wouldn't abuse again. Well a couple months later I did it again and I told them about it. They got really upset and I could see how disappointed they were in their face. It really sucks when a peer is disappointed in you.
To help I gave one of them all my markers. Admittedly that did help, but that doesn't make the desire go away. I really don't want to see that disappointed look on their faces again, but I still get tempted almost every day by things I find in my house.
Also I already have a history of heart issues in both sides of my family and in my own personal history so its dangerous for me.

I just wanted to know if anyone had any suggestions for help. I could really use it right now and I would really appreciate it.

need help

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silentlyworried- Thanks for sharing!  You should not feel embarrassed at all. The purpose of this discussion board is to tell your story, hear from others going through similar situations, and/or to encourage people to share their experiences.  for example, if you look through the old posts I'm sure you'll find stories similar to yours.

Good job on remaining strong as you get over this habit, and you should feel very thankful that you have friends who truly care about your well being enough to monitor your progress!

Have you tried to reach out to anyone else (i.e. parents, medical doctor) for support/help?

Anyone else out there gone through this who can offer personal advice?  

Queshia B

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You shouldn't feel embarrassed, I have the same problems, for me it was several things:

*rubbing alcohol
*air freshener
*aerosol cans
*butane lighters
*hand sanitizer
*body spray

Now I've relapsed and if I continue my life is on the line again...
I can't smell things as I used to either... my sense of smell is like cut in half or less by now, and I didn't really do a LOT of sniffing like some people.

Well now I'm back in the struggle with inhalants again, this time butane lighters and aerosol cans, my life is on the line with a knife slowly scraping away at it, and even if that line doesn't get cut in half by the knife, it ends up completely mangled and ragged.

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QueshiaB- thank you.
I know I'm really lucky to have friends that actually care about my progress and how I'm doing with all of this.
You see, I first tried it in August last year and I one of told them about how I had been getting high every weekend (and some weeknights) a couple months later. They got me to stop then, but just about 2 weeks ago my parents left me home alone.
I've been going through a stressful time, along with my friends. One of my friends was talking about how they wanted to get away from their stress and my thoughts went to huffing. Then I saw my bag of sharpies and did it again.
I hate disappointing them, but I still told my friends about it and they've been keeping an eye on me ever since. They won't let me even use sharpies at school or white out or get close to anything they know I could use. They've made me promise to tell them if I get tempted by something in my house, which I've been doing.

Needless to say, I am extremely thankful to them for this. But I don't miss the feeling from it but I'm trying to beat this and I have been doing better. I think if I keep trying to get over it and my friends keep an eye on me I might beat it.

I can't reach out to my parents, it isn't that they don't care but I can't possibly imagine how disappointed they would be. They joke around all the time about how if I started drugs or the like they would disown me or ground me for years. I'm scared that if I tell my school consoler they will get my kicked out. All my teachers think to highly of me to believe me about this. (I'm actually a rather sarcastic person, even with my teachers) Only 2 of my closest friends know about it except for me.

I'm just scared it'll sneak up on me again.

need help

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Dear Silently worried,
You just need to focus on what is best for you. We all have stressful's how we deal with them.

I am not sure how you sniffed markers but I think I have a friend who is doing it and he is 30 years old.

Just write your feelings and express yourself and that may help.

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