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At the center and edge of the desert, there are two Utopian tribes that are isolated and forgotten by the world. The living environment of queer, disabled residents and garbage everywhere proves that they are human inferior products. Cannibal people live in Cigarettes Online Store scrapped aircraft, listen to the old disco, exercise, hunt and barbecue, the residents of "comfortable Tobacco Product town" keep #Trewzcvvbn rabbits, and stir up under the DJ of the cassette recorder to have the new wave party.
Cannibals and seize the students saw his right arm and leg to cook in Allen, picking out uncle help, escape, to comfort Town, a prosthetic leg to her supercilious and careless adventure in the desert. Cannibal side, muscular in the barbecue a bad girl, the daughter painted portrait is full of tender feelings; comfortable town there, the party sponsor "look heart dream" with a handheld AK woman guard through the streets, indulge in the spirit of anesthesia in the Yin Jun children every day with their spiritual leader.
One side Newport Menthol 100S is the cannibals, while the other Cigarettes Cheap is mental corrosion. Allen took out a comfortable town with a gun, qiayu cannibal hanco Zhuang's wife and daughter out to pick up the waste, so she killed the wife of Joe, Joe little blonde daughter followed Allen back to the comfort of the town. "Looking for Cigarettes Tobacco the dream in the heart" took away the cannibal daughter, brought back by Allen.
Joe to find his wife and daughter, but the results of this fearsome appearance and drew a good hand to draw the delicate inner ogre, with painting skill and a diary Master as strange painting, not only for picking up information witnesses Han, also conquered Allen. Joe picked up from the drug fly Allen in comfort out of town, Allen on his head, and then single-handed to "find the dream" and his harem women armed group hand out of the little girl sent to Joe, the last three people in the wilderness in the sunset, very warm and harmonious to the girl's pet rabbit roast to eat.

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