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I'm new here and (hopefully) won't have much of a need to stick around.

I outright huffed a few things I shouldn't have decades ago when I was a kid, realized what I was doing, and stopped.

Over the years since then I've allowed myself the rare occasional 'honest sniff' -- if I happened to be handling/using something for its intended purpose, in the course of it just a little normal natural deep appreciative inhale of the air around me (like you might when standing near a field of lavender you might inhale the  outdoors and go "aah that's nice"

 and all was well until the last week or so. It was then I decided I wanted to try to grow my nails, maybe get a manicure (something I've yet to ever have done) and so started applying some nail hardener and nail polish...

and in a few days my 'natural and perfectly acceptable appreciative sniffing the air in the vicinity' devolved in stages on a daily basis to my ultimately finally just wrapping my hand tightly around the nail-polish and giving it a full-fledged gusty inhaling huff

I really wanted this stuff, badly

and that's how I knew I needed to do something, and quickly.  The strong pull was really there and I knew (from quitting cigarettes and other bits in my life) that for me anyway, having something to replace is key...

To help quit and stop that bottle from calling me from the medicine cabinet
I really needed to sniff something

I didn't think I had any "Essential oils" floating around (I've never bought any but I knew their fumes are inhaled),

and I have a life-long weird craving/high perference for anything lime-flavored

Its not at all uncommon for me to eat a key-lime yogurt while drinking a lime pop or sparkling water,  and chase it with lime flavored chips etc etc etc...

So I dug around the house, remembered these little LorAnn candy flavorings that come in little tiny bottles and have been in my fridge for probably a decade,

discovered the tiny LorAnn "Lime Oil" flavoring, and wondered...

so I looked it up and sure enough those little bottles (so long as they say OIL and not FLAVOR) are actually little tiny bottles of essential oils.... so before I can get a bigger bottle (that's actually labeled "esspential oil") shipped to me,

I have this amazing itty-bitty bottle of Lime Essential Oil that I can sniff, or even put in one of those aromatherapy inhaling things (also on the way in the mail along with the oil)..

So there you have it; for me anyway sniffing (intensely, hell even kind've huffing it a little bit if I feel the need), satisfies that certain nose-tingle zingy-smell thing I need.

Just like people using E-cigs or other nicotine replacement fiddly bits for smoking cessation,

now there is this and its just Lime Essential Oil.. edible bits you could make candy with... blows my mind and unless I am just really weird and the world's first "Lime Essential Oil Huffing Addict" seems to be its bound to be a healthy thing and I think I'm onto something.

Doing this instead,
Its made it much easier and I have left the nasty other crap alone for three days and as long as I do this instead, I think I'm over the hump and will be alright again from here on out.

I hope somebody else finds this little discovery as useful as I do.

Update -- I've been doing more searching and have discovered that this is not entirely without basis.. but apparently my love of lime made me miss that the real essential oil of choice to really have an impact is lemon essential oil. There's at least one entire thread dedicated to this topic, on a different forum: "Lemon Oil is Definitely Psychedelic!"

Even if it turns out not to be the case, I'm thinking I could still get some pine essential oil and make myself a really nice (and maybe even healthy) 'unleaded' cleaning-solvent mockup smell to safely sniff to my heart's content.  I might even try out the icy hot + oils topical method they talk about too.  

I think I'm going to play with getting and sniffing some other strong smelling essential oils too (like clove, anise, etc). 

To be honest I'm not going at this like people seem to normally do when it comes to these oils.. I'm just going to go for the strong smells that I like to smell, period. 

I have a general theory (at least when it comes to food and healthy non-drug things) that if I like it/want it, its probably due to there being something in it that I'm lacking or needing, and in a few cases these was actually proven out for me. 

I have long suspected that there's something in lime that I'm after.   I'm starting to wonder if I've just found it.  We will see.

currently what I'm doing right now is:

Because it makes more sense to me than the included big 'wicks' I take an ordinary cotton swab, snap off one end, put six drops of lime and/or six drops of lemon essential oils on the remaining swab end, and with that swab end going nearest the inhaling hole, put the swab in this and do some mighty sniffing (I can also cover some of the holes at the bottom for differing intensities):

I'm really not even thinking about the nail polish at this point; my head is far too full of my essential oil scheming to be bothered with it. That alone is worthwhile. 

Again, hoping this is helpful to someone.


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