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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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I'm new here and never imagined I'd be posting in a group like this. While I was gathering dirty clothes from my 13 yo sons room I found some drug paraphernalia and a couple cans of WD40. Needless to say I am shocked, I don't even know how to process this information or where to go from here. Any suggestions?

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Bless you for taking note of what you found with your son's items.  Even though I'm not a doctor or therapist, finding the drug paraphernalia and spray-can product is a sign of inhalant/substance use.  Young people may not realize the true dangers of "huffing" since the products typically used as an inhalant may be found right underneath the bathroom or kitchen sink. 

Not to cause a panic, but my friend actually has a severe Brain Injury from inhalant use at the age of 12, now in her 30s.  The chemicals in products used for huffing are actual *poisons* that were never meant to go through the bloodstream, and young people (or any age) may not be aware of the true risks of inhalant use.

This website may have some local counseling and treatment programs for those with substance abuse and/or mental health issues: and can type one's zip code or state of residence into search.

These two websites have more general info re: the dangers of huffing (though, *not* in place of talking with a licensed health care professional):


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it worse to find such as things like that i hope to get help from any member here
العاب حب

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I've been huffing air duster for about two years. I've been arrested over twenty times and been in and out of outpatient rehabs. I've done loads of drugs, but duster is the one that really got me and brought me to my knees. I am still struggling everyday with this terrible addiction. I've suffered numerous burns and been hospitalized many times. I recently relapsed and hugged about 30 or so cans in one day. This is just one image of what duster can do. If anyone you know has considered huffing air duster, show then this picture and maybe they'll think twice.

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