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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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It has been around a year now and i really dont know what to do. I'm completly lost and really scared to tell anyone because my family really looks up to me. I'm by farthest one of the smartest person in my family and i wouldn't want to dissapoint my mom or grandma, or my aunts.
I started last November and now i just cant stop. When i first begun, I started doing around four bottles everyday for like a month. Then i went on doing four every other two days, and its been like six months now that i left to college. Im 17 and live alone in my apartment and i tried by limiting myself to doing it every saturday and sunday, atleast 4 to 5 bottles every sat and sunday.
Now i'm greatly effected by the side-effects. I'm 17 and i can't run or sprint because i feel like my heart is going to come out. There are also those nights when i feel like i'm going to die in my sleep because of my short breaths. I also have the biggest head-aches, the ones where you can see your vains sticking out. I also have great pain in my lower righ side of my back after i do it. I also have come to conclude that it has made me slower in a way, where i have to think about things that im going to say.[only sometimes].... I also have different mood swings when i dont get a certain product, i can get those depressing moments, also those suicidal moments and also hulusinations...
I need help and alot of help!... I cant tell my doctor because my parents will find out because i'm a minor and dont turn 18 until august... Although I'm in college, my counselor told me that anything i say has to be reported to children protection services. I'm really scared because i wouldn't want to die or dissapoint my family... Someone please write back with any helpful solutions?....

Eduardo Zuniga

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PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE tell your parents!!  I have a child in college. If you were my child I would NEVER be able to forgive myself if you were to die and I did not do something to help you.  As a parent, the pain your parents will feel if they lose you is far worse than you "disappointing them".  You are young, smart and have a wonderful future ahead of you.  Please, call your parents, tell them that you need to talk to them, in person.  When you sit with them, tell them that you love them but you have a problem that you need their help with.  Then tell them.  Please!   


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Eddie- Thanks for sharing. If you are already noticing the effects at such a young age, it could only get worse as you keep abusing products.

It is important to understand no one is perfect. I am sure your family will not be disappointed, and be grateful that you realize you have a problem and want help for it instead of letting it deteriorate your body. 

Please reach out to someone, whether it is a family member, your counselor or your doctor.  Does anyone have any other ideas of who Eddie could reach out to for help??

Queshia B

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Eddie, please tell someone.  My 20 y/o daughter was a passenger in an car driven by a girl who had been dusting.  We buried her Oct 30th.  I can tell you that no disappointment equals the loss of your child.  No pain equals the loss of your child.  Don't be afraid of asking for help.  Most likely, your parents will be grateful for the opportunity to intervene before it's too late.  If you don't think they will understand, ask a trusted councillor or advisor to help you with breaking the news.  Just don't delay.  Please let us know hw you do.

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