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Inhalant Abuse Prevention
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i fond my son (13) passed out over his motor bike the other night covered in petrol he told me it was the frist time he had done it, but i dont think so, things have been going missing but i just thought it was my daughter using them, hairspray, nail polish remover, and all the throw away lighters i give up smoking last year but kept the lighters for the candles around the house, now i cant find them,,, i have tried to talk to him but he just keeps telling me his so called friends told him to give it a go, i dont know what to do, what should i be looking for? what are the signs, should i take him to a doctor? im lost please i need as much help as everyone can give,
many thanks jacky

help please

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Dear Jacky,

From your writing it sounds like you might be located in the UK, if that is the case I recommend you check out .  Also read up on everything on this web site and then sit down with your son and let him know how much you love him and would be heartbroken if he didn't live long enough to fulfill some of his dreams.  Spell out to him how deadly huffing is, how damaging to your body it is.  Read together this message board, might also include  I wish you so very much luck, I never had the chance to warn our son Justin.  He died six years ago from an inhalant.  It was through his death that I learned about this insidious deadly game.

Janna Z.

janna d zuber
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