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Inhalant Abuse Prevention

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 I am 29 years old and I am addicted to sniffing. This has been going on for almost a year. I sniff rubbing alcohol, black permanent markers and vapo steam liquid for humidifiers. I also pack my nostrils with vapor rub. I even have a bottle of the steam liquid with a big glob of the vapor rub mixed in together just for the extra vapors. I cant get enough. I dip a ink pen into the rubbing alcohol and sniff the droplets up my nose. As of yesterday, I filled a nasal spray bottle with rubbing alcohol and squirted it right in my nose. It burned like hell and made me sneeze a whole lot but the burn was a rush. I dont know what made me start doing this but, I do it several times a day. I'm sure that there are health risk, not to mention  I smoke two packs of menthol ciggeretes a day, which I am seriously trying to quit. I turn thirty years old in 3 weeks and I told myself I want to spend the next thirty years of my life being a exersize buff. Aside from the cigs, I was wondering what if any, health problems anyone has incountered by sniffing rubbing alcohol. Anyone ever been hospitalized?

Destiny McFalls

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Sniffles, you can DIE from this. it's very serious and i hope you can get some help. i was addicted to sniffing gasoline, rubbing alcohol, and nail polish/nail polish remover. i still have strong urges to do it, but it has gotten easier over time. i really am hoping that you can get some help and overcome the addiction before it's too late. GOOD LUCK!


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i was never hospitalized - but there were times where i feel like my heart almost skipped a beat and like i needed to be rushed to the hopsital. that was a big reality check. Im still addicted to the rubbing alcohol, i thought i had got a good hold on that addiction but it is such a strong craving. this morning, i left for work and actually came back to my house to get the bottle to drive to work with. its a bad feeling that i cant control my own urges. I also smoke, and i dont even want to see what the alcohol and cigarettes are doing to my lungs. but i ask the same question like everyone else, how do i just stop? like really stop. not just for a week or a few days, forever.


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You've got to get professional help.  A lot of abusers try to curb the addiction on their own, it works for some but majority of people need assistance. 

Have you talked to your doctor about treatment options in your area?  Have you talked to anyone about this?

Queshia B

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You won't be around for another 30 years if you keep this up - harsh but true. Inhalants are not to be messed with. My fiance' died last year from inhaling computer duster. Talk to you doctor and get the help you need so you can be around for the next 30 years as an exercise buff that you want to be. To me that sounds like a better plan.

Best of luck and please keep us posted.

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